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3281 Mandeville Canyon Road, Brentwood, CA 90049

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We as a company are starting back in the development and construction business which we have been very successful at over the years. We have studied the market very carefully over the last 18 months and believe that the economy has stabilized and the real estate markets will slowly improve. The one market that seems to be doing the best in new construction is your high end homes in very good neighborhoods. We have a team that we have put together that can deliver the high quality construction necessary in the shortest time. We have undertaken two homes in San Marino, CA with our partners CIP#7. These homes will be selling for approximately $2.2 -$2.4 Million. We have been searching the upscale neighborhoods for more opportunities to build these types of homes. We have found such a property located in Brentwood, CA that has a great deal of upside potential with little or no risk. We are currently looking for an equity partner to put up $480,000.00 and we will give them a preferred return of the first $300,000.00 profit and Western States Development will take the next $300,000.00 profit and all future profits beyond that will be split 50/50. We have attached a pro forma indicating at a liquidation sale price a profit of $516,422.00. We have a potential profit of $785,939.00 based on a favorable market.


This project is located in Brentwood on Mandeville Canyon Rd one of the most desirable areas in the western part of Los Angeles. We have attached some information from the internet on the City of Brentwood and several other web addresses so that one may research and get a better feel for the neighborhood and the community.


We currently have this property in escrow. All fees have been paid and permits are ready to go. We can start construction immediately. We are currently working with Victor Van of Mega Bank on the construction financing. Victor has assured us that he would be able to provide us with a construction loan.


For further information on this property please contact Jack @ 909-380-2416