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About WS Realty

WS Realty, Inc. was founded in 2004 as a sister company to Western States Development and Construction. WS Realty was created for new tract homes sales and resale in the Inland Empire, recognizing growth and opportunity WS Realty relocated to the High Desert.

WS Realty is a full service Realty company, joined with Optimum Property Management, specializing in selling and leasing residential and commercial properties. In addition to having the responsibility of selling the finished homes, the sales force is used to track local market trends for comparable sales of our projects and prospective development deals.

Optimum Property Management

Property Management

Optimum Property Management, Inc. is an expansion of WS Realty, Inc., that was established due to the failing economy that started to arise in mid 2007. 

Due to the many assets of our company and the reputation we have established in the high desert, from 2007 to present day, we have acquired more than 450 single-family residences, a multitude of multi-family rentals including; apartment complexes, condos, and duplexes, trailer parks, as well as commercial buildings including the new “Tuscany Plaza” commercial project finished and ready for lease. With actively managing over 1,000 income producing properties in the High Desert alone, we have developed into an industry leader.

Construction and Rehabilitation

H & H Construction, Inc., owned and operated by the principals of WS Realty, Inc.; gives the management company a leg up on repairs and maintenance. H & H helps keep the rehab and maintenance costs down on all properties managed by Optimum Propery Management.

We pride ourselves on being a full service real estate company. We can assist in many different aspects using one of the many arms of our companies from Property Management, Real Estate Sales, Land development, New Construction and Property rehab. With many facets to our company we can help save you time and money.